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International Project: Light Curve

This year we we joined up with Canterbury Academy, Canterbury, UK and College Le Monteil, Monistrol sur Loire, France and used robotic telescopes to study a binary eclipse. This is no ordinary eclipse, if an eclipse could ever be called ordinary. It isn't an eclipse of the Sun and the moon. We used robotic telescopes to study a variable star called "RV Aps". It is a binary star consisting of two stars orbiting each other. We measured the light coming from it to figure out how fast one star is orbiting the other. The two stars are located in Apus, a small constellation of stars in the southern sky and its name is linked to a bird-of-paradise. It was first studied in 1931 by Henriettta Hill Swope, then by the research team khaliullin et al and now by us.

You can find out more about our project here:


The club is sharing the data we have collected and analysed with the STEAM class. On the right are some of the web pages the STEAM class produced using computer programming languages like HTML and Java Scipt.


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